Fun Sign Ideas

Need a little help being creative? Check out some of our fun yard card delivery ideas below!! These big celebration signs are a great surprise that wins silly smiles and fun  memories!!

Yards-of-Fun Lawn Greeting Gallery:

The possibilities are endless, but we’ve got some creative ideas that keep growing and are waiting to surprise the next victim, I mean customer. From welcoming a little bundle of joy and announcing baby’s arrival, to broadcasting any old (or young) birthday celebration, and grand declarations of love (whether to your mom or new fiance or the old ball-n-chain), Yards-of-Fun has a yard card with you in mind.

You Rock- Our latest fun set is our You Rock design.  We can customize it to the age of the recipient..such as 13 Rocks, 16 Rocks……even 60 Rocks! It’s been so much fun from surprising children, teenagers to the over 60 set. Who doesn’t want to Rock out on their special day!

Flamingo Fun- Flamingos and Florida go hand in hand. Have some fun with all types of special occasions. We are tickled pink to say… or The Flock is in Shock!  From Birthdays to Farewells you can’t go wrong with the fun that flamingos bring to everyone!

The Flock is in Shock!

13th Birthday – Holy Sheep a teenager lives here! Girls and boys will love this… Just naughty enough for a new teen to think their sign is extra cool!! Gators are groovy too… Look out! A teenage Gator lives here!! Girls also love our Lucky 13 display. 13 Rocks is perfect for a Guy or Girl! With our fun signs you may actually get a big smile on the big #13!(they will at least have something extra special to post to Instagram or FB on their big day!–that will definately make them smile.)


Holy Sheep..A Teenager Lives Here!

Holy Sheep..A Teenager Lives Here! Perfect and just naughty enough for that brand new teenager!

16th Birthday-For Boys and Girls – Sweet 16 Birthday girls will love our custom cake sign — Peace, Love, and Sweet 16!!  It’ll make their day! For a die hard Gator fan–Lookout this Gator is driving!  Or how about, Holy Sheep!! Look out!! A new driver lives here!!! Perfect for the 16 year old guy is our Super 16 set and our 16 Rocks works for girls and guys! For a little more Fun; a custom Fun-Head when they walk outside or when they head home from school will really give them a big laugh and a little shock for the day!!


Sweet 16 Signs

Sweet 16!

21st Birthday – Yard cards are great for parties… Guests will surely not miss the location for the festivities. Try, Holy Sheep—Finally Legal!!  Happy 21st!!!     or   This Gator is Finally Legal!! Happy 21st!!! (We’re seeing some cocktails in the horizon, so let us know if a frosted mug or olive martini appeals to you.)

Holy Sheep, Finally 21!

Holy Sheep! Finally 21!

Milestone Birthdays:  The BIG 30th,40th, 50th,60thYards-of-Fun signs are perfect for loved ones, friends, co-workers or just someone you want to embarrass the heck out of. Don’t let the opportunity pass by to let everyone know about that very big day!!  We all cringe when thinking about these ages but the best way to have fun and accept it is by telling everyone!!  Make it fun with Tombstones, Holy Sheep, Flamingos or Gators.  Or be a little sweeter Flowers or Hearts to the special lady on her special day!!

Big Head Fun

Big Head Fun on the Big Birthday Day! Flowers for turning 40 and a Fun- Head for the entire neighborhood to wish Happy 40th!

Happy Valentine’s Day / Happy Mother’s Day / Happy Anniversary / Will you Marry Me? / Will you go to the Prom with me?? / I’m SORRY! Our Heart designs and our Flower designs are perfect to really get that special someone’s attention.  Do you know anyone else who has ever done this? Be the first on your block and get all the credit!

Mother's Day Flowers

Mother's Day Flowers-- Everyone on the block knows this Mom is extra special!

Retirements / Promotions / Big Achievements (Employee or Teacher of the Year / Work Awards / Straight A’s) /Special Recognition (Teacher’s Appreciation Week, New Home Owner) Say it with a fun sign!! Like our gregarious Gators could shout out — This Gator is Employee of the year!  Or, This is one smart Gator!! And say for retirement or deployments, See you later Alligator!!!  Or, Holy Sheep You’re Finally Retiring, and Holy Sheep You Did It!! Retirement Rocks! or The Flock’s in Shock…Finally Retired!

Teacher's Appreciation Week Surprise!

Graduation Signs – Our Graduation signs work for the College Graduate to the Pre-School Graduate! We have traditional Graduation signs or you can get a little creative with out Holy Sheep(Holy Sheep, You Graduated), Flamingos (The Flocks in Shock, You Graduated!), Gators (This Gator is headed to the swamp), Graduation Rocks and even flowers to say Congratulations on such an accompishment. The ideas are so much fun and endless for your special graduate! Our new Fun-Heads are a perfect addition to the Big Day. We can even put names and the c/o on the custom Fun-Head!

Graduation and Hearts mixed

We mixed hearts and traditional Graduation signs for this special Graduate!

A little too Over the Hill?   A  birthday can be special for any age. The over 70 set enjoy our Fun Flamingos, Flowers, Hearts, Gators and Balloons. We can make an “older” Birthday the most memorable one yet!

Flamingo Fun-- We flew in to say, "Grandma is 70 years young today!"

These are just a few concepts to get your creative juices flowing. Don’t forget about all the other special “Hallmark” holidays. All of the sign illustrations are original designs and concepts created by Karen Favorite and Carolyn Lott of Yards-of-Fun. You won’t find these through anyone else around town. There are even more cool designs are in the works! Have a great suggestion or looking for something specific? Feel free to email us today, we’d love to hear from you.