Yards-of-Fun Lawn Greetings in the greater Jacksonville, Florida area:

Early Morning Delivery – We will have the signs planted before 7am.  The recipient will wake up and find their big surprise before they start their day. If you need a specific time we ask you to please email or phone us to see if we can deliver in your requested time.
Warning - We have found that if the recipient has any type of dog from a German Shepard to a little Yorkshire Terrier they tend to ruin the surprise and wake up a household of people.  The “barkers” as we like to call them really ruin all of the fun.   Please consider contacting us to bring the signs during lunch-time hours or another time that the recipient may be out of the home. The dogs can bark their heads off and they won’t bother anyone. 

Baby Signs Delivery – Baby signs are a little bit different as you can’t determine the actual day in advance. Please e-mail or call us and let us know when your recipient will be heading home from the hospital. We will try our best to coordinate with you to have the signs ready when they pull up into their home with their new bundle of joy. We can also deliver the day after they arrive home.  They will still have a wonderful surprise!!

Pick Up – The time for pick up is subject to change depending on the volume of other deliveries and pick ups we have scheduled that day. If you require a specific time, please let us know.

If you need a special delivery or pickup time frame, please indicate that in the ‘Special Instructions’ on the order form and we will confirm if we’re able to accommodate your request. An additional delivery fee may apply for off-hour deliveries.

STANDARD DELIVERY: Free travel to the following zip codes in Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, Fleming Island, Fruit Cove, Green Cove Springs, Orange Park, Middleburg, Palm Valley: 32003 | 32006 | 32030 | 32043 | 32050 | 32065 | 32067 | 32068 | 32073 | 32079 | 32081 | 32082 | 32092 | 32204 | 32205 | 32207 | 32210 | 32211 | 32212 | 32214 | 32215 | 32216 | 32217 | 32220 | 32222 | 32223 | 32224 | 32225 | 32233 | 32234 | 32246 | 32250 | 32256 | 32257 | 32258 | 32259 | 32260 | 32266 | 32277

OUTSIDE DELIVERY AREAS: If you do not see your zip code listed above, please contact us to confirm availability to your area beyond our normal delivery zones. This includes some outer areas of Jacksonville that exceed our delivery range for the standard rate.

Yards-of-Fun Lawn Greeting: Two or Three Day Rentals available. Includes approximately 30 yard signs and 1 jumbo card/sign with custom greeting.

Big Fun-Head Sign: Large Custom Cut-Out Photo with purchase of a Yard Display Order. Custom Big-Heads are printed in color on weatherproof sign. They are about 17″x23″ and is theirs to keep.

Personalized Fun-Photo: Added Photo to Message with purchase of a Yard Display Order. Custom photo printed in color on paper and are about 15″x10″.

Bouquet-of-Fun: Decorative Keepsake with purchase of a Yard Display Order. Bouquets stand about 24″ tall with four 5-8″ signs in a glass vase and fun tissue and ribbon and is theirs to keep.

If you are ready to place an order just click on the yard card design you like under the Fun Lawn Greetings header. You can fill out the order and we will send you a confirmation e-mail. Please email or call us at 904-379-0596 for more information.