Feeling Happy!

What happens when you work with nice people who want to surprise their friends and family for their special event? What happens when those friends and family are surprised and made to feel extra special? What happens when you are able to do this on a regular basis as your job? This is what happens….you just feel happy!

It sounds very simple but it is true. You work with thoughtful, caring people who want to make people feel loved and special. Those recipients feel loved and special! We just get to do this for a job and deliver our fun signs to make everyone feel happy which in turn leaves us feeling happy all of the time!

Here are a few customer comments so you see what we mean:
“Thank you so much for the beautiful job you did with the signs in the yard. I wasn’t home when you came and I got to come home to a surprise too! The neighbors all went crazy over it, they loved it. He was very surprised!”-Laurie

“You did a great job! The little ones (siblings) were most excited to see their names on the sign!” Thanks so much.-Wayne

“Thanks again for the wonderful yard display. She was thoroughly surpised and very happy with the display and she thought it was really neat. She had a big party on Saurday night so she go many aditional compliments on it.”-Loriann

This customer surprised her husband for accomplishing his life-long dream of graduating from the fire academy. She was so proud of him and gave him an extra special surprise with our You Rock yard card signs. “Thanks for everything! You did an awesome job. I will recommend you in a heart beat!!”-Yomayra

We love the smiles and laughs we have been able to provide with our silly yard cards for so many special occasions. From Birthdays, Graduations, Anniverseries, and Retirements! We especially love the yard cards that people send just to make a big deal out of a Birthday that may not be celebrated with a large party, cake or gift. The yard card displays just make that day that could pass by unnoticed extra special. #feelinghappy

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